What does a screenplay title page look like?

All title pages should include following, centered on the page:

  • the title (in uppercase)
  • written by
  • the writer’s name(s)
  • based on (if any)

The date goes in the lower right-hand corner.

preacher title

For a spec script, the title page should include contact info for the writer or her representation on the left margin opposite the date. (Name and email address is sufficient.)

Most title pages use standard Courier 12-point font.

Some screenwriters include their WGA registration number on the title page. This is not necessary — including this does not offer any additional protection.

For TV, title pages will usually use the show’s official artwork as the title. In addition, the title page will include the episode name and number, the director’s name, the draft, and sometimes the shoot date and air date.

Sample title pages can be found on the scripts in the johnaugust.com library.